Top 5 Hiking Shoes Brand

By | May 3, 2020

Having a hobby of adventure exploring interesting places such as climbing mountains, of course requires special equipment, one of which is strong and comfortable shoes when worn. But over the times, mountain shoes are now not only used when climbing and traveling alone, but have become equipment used for daily routines, such as activities to the campus or to the workplace.

Here are 5 recommendations of the best brands that produce outdoor equipment & equipment

1. Lafuma

Lafuma is a company based in France that specializes in equipment and outerwear, such as backpacks, sleeping bags, and footwear. They also offer a variety of other equipment, which results in comparisons with US-based companies such as Petagonia and Columbia. Group brands include Eider, Millet and Oxbow. Lafuma clothing brands have been personified by sports personalities and more recently by French actor and stuntman Karl E, Lander. Lafuma itself is quite familiar to activists of the outdoors, but because the price is quite expensive for the market in Indonesia so the alternative is used

2. Merrell

If you are looking for shoes with attractive and strong designs, merrell is the solution. The shoe manufacturer founded by Clark, Randy Merrel, and John Schweitzer in the United States has been around since 1981. Since its inception, Merel has been specialized in producing shoes and outdoor activity equipment. Not only for adult men, this shoe manufacturer also produces trekking shoes for women.

3. Mammut

For more than 50 years, the Mammut company, based in Switzerland, has been producing very complete outdoor equipment, from shoes, various straps, carriers, jackets, accessories to sleeping bags. At present, the Mammut company has invaded several countries in Asia, including China, Korea, Japan and others. Mammut products found in Indonesia are imported from China. for the price of a used one, this brand is a very luxurious brand among outdoor second enthusiasts

4. Salomon

Salomon expensive shoes? the answer is yes but the skin is worth the price. Salomon trekking shoe brand was first coined by Francois Salomon with his wife in 1947. But in 2005, the shoe manufacturer had announced to sell all the company’s assets to Amer Sport in Finland. Until now Salomon trekking shoes still produce various types of outdoor shoes, ranging from running shoes, mountain shoes, to casual shoes.

5. The northface

it seems incomplete if you do not include this brand in the world of trekking shoes. The Noorth Face is an American company that focuses on selling a variety of outdoor products. Founded by Douglas Tompkin and Kenneth Kloop in San Francisco in 1968, the target market for producers of outdoor goods is mountain climbers and backpackers. Besides shoes, this trademark also manufactures tents, sleeping bags, to sandals.

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