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By | June 10, 2020

In adventure in the wild like in the mountains. we need shoes that are strong, safe and comfortable. The durability of shoes is inseparable from how to care for it. For the price of a mountain shoe certainly varies, depending on the brand & quality. Because hiking shoes are one of the main things.

Here are tips on choosing the right Mountain climbing shoes

1. Shoe Size

for mountain climbing shoes Choose a larger size 1 number bigger than your daily activity shoes, for example your daily shoes are 42, then for mountain climbing shoes choose size 43, why ?? Because you have to make room for your toes. It’s important that your feet don’t get tortured, especially when going down the mountain. If the size of the shoe fits your feet, then it can make your fingertips hurt and even blister especially when going down the mountain in steep terrain. More space also allows you to wear thicker socks that are thicker, this also serves to make your feet not blister.

2. Neck Shoe

Make sure the neck of mountain climbing shoes is made of soft and comfortable material, because your feet will often rub against shoes. And also choose shoes that cover the ankles, so that you can hold your foot when in steep terrain and rocks so that your feet are not sprained, also serves as a protective ankle from hard and sharp rocks.

3. Shoe Material

Choose mountain climbing shoes that are waterproof, its function is so that the inner shoes are not wet, because if the mountain climbing shoes are wet it can make your shoes heavy, your feet become cold, and certainly easily blisters or cuts

4. Outsole of shoes

Check shoe soles Mountain shoe soles are different from everyday shoes or running shoes. That’s because the soles of mountain boots should be designed to pass through and climb mountains that are often slippery or rocky. Choose a strong shoe sole, with a thick and deep grip arrangement, Shoe sole like that will help your feet tread steadily as it passes through rocky, muddy mountain terrain.

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